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Greetings Grinders! 

With my occupation, there are plenty of times I’ve been up against some of the most beautiful women from around the world! Compared by hip size and stats and the politics of it all. So much so, that at times I’ve looked in the mirror and thought, ‘I wouldn’t mind changing this or this looking like that.’ But how much gain would I really get from having what the other girl next to me has? I would eventually lose my identity and the uniqueness that God created me as.

There are times when I put those skinny jeans on, and regardless of what anybody says about me being ‘so skinny’ … I ain’t feeling so skinny in them! But I’ve learned to say SO!

It all comes down to accepting the skin you’re in and loving yourself flaws and all! And what I’ve come to realize is, what I consider a flaw in myself, someone else thinks it’s the most beautiful thing.

No ..everyone wasn’t made to be a model size 2. But thank God! How boring and mundane would that be! Appreciate the person you are and understand that the skilled Craftsman didn’t make any mistakes!

No matter how many runways I’ve been on, or how many magazines pages I’ve graced, there are still those moments that the insecurities of my job and being a women get to me. But I’ve come to the conclusion that .. at the beginning of the day and at the end, I am fearfully and wonderfully made…and so are you!


Be Blessed,



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