James Holmes may be locked away but it hasn’t stopped him from still shocking the victims families of the tragic Aurora, Co. shooting. According to TMZ, families of the victims are outraged that his apartment is back on the market. During the shootings, Holmes used his apartment as a lair for his guns, deadly chemicals […]

Heath Ledger was one of the most fascinating male actors Hollywood has ever seen and a new emerging diary from him shows how serious he took his role as the “Joker.” The diary Heath kept during the production of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed 2008 film “The Dark Knight” is the subject of a new clip from […]

Yesterday at a hearing for James Holmes, the gunman who killed 12 and wounded 58 in an Aurora, Co. movie theater, police officers offered grisly details about that fateful night in their testimony. DETAILS: Say What?! New Details Reveal Colorado Shooter James Holmes Had A Girlfriend During Time Of Massacre As a first responder to […]

For the handful of you in the world that didn’t get a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises in the theaters, you will be happy to know it’s finally being released on DVD! To commemorate the release of The Dark Knight Rises outside theaters, Nissan has created a special edition Juke Nismo. PHOTOS: Holy […]

James Holmes, the man who shot and killed 12 people in an Aurora movie theater last month, had apparently planned his mass murder four months before it was carried out. According to court documents by the prosecutors, he once told a classmate in March about “wanting to kill people… and that he would do so […]

The people of Aurora are still recovering from the massive shooting during the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises, and as investigation goes on more details are still being revealed. One of the victims of the shooting, a former Navy member, named Jonathan Blunk, tried to stand up to James Holmes before he shot into […]

  Last week James Holmes opened fire on innocent movie watchers leaving their families and loved ones lives to mourn and funerals to plan far too soon.  STORY: WTH?! James Holmes Claiming To Have Amnesia While In Jail However, the Aurora movie theater where Holmes opened fire, killing 12 and injuring 58, is offering to foot […]

James Holmes has been behind bars ever since he fired off a gun in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado last week. While we’ve all been trying to figure out why he shot up the theater killed and wounded several victims, apparently Holmes is in the slammer claiming to have amnesia. A source told the […]

Following the senseless theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado last Friday, Celeb Boutique was bashed for posting a marketing-based tweet based off the trending topic of the day, #Aurora.  The UK-based boutique used the tweet to promote a dress in their collection by the same name, and later apologized for the insensitive tweet, stating that they […]

The plot keeps on getting thicker around the Aurora, Colorado shooter, James Holmes, who opened fire in a full theater of innocent people attending a midnight viewing of The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday.  James killed 12 people and wounded 58, some critically.  STORY: Looking For Love?! James Holmes Created A Match.com Profile Before Shooting The […]

The man behind this weekend’s mass shootings, James Holmes, already has a creepy history, and now it looks like it gets even creepier. We already know that he had a profile on adultfinder.com, but apparently he also had a Match.com profile! DETAILS: Creepy! Cops Investigate James Holmes’ Sex Site Profile According to TMZ, a woman named […]

The horrible shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises has not only us shaken up, but has also expectidly disturbed the cast of the movie! The cast of the most highly anticipated summer movie just left Paris yesterday after a canceled premiere to head back to L.A. DETAILS: Warner Bros. […]