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Yesterday at a hearing for James Holmes, the gunman who killed 12 and wounded 58 in an Aurora, Co. movie theater, police officers offered grisly details about that fateful night in their testimony.

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As a first responder to the crime scene, Officer Jason Oviatt of the Colorado Police Department was the first to speak, telling the court about the chilling moment he realized Holmes was the shooter. 

“Officer Oviatt said: ‘He seemed very detached from it all. Very, very relaxed,’ according to NBC.”

Oviatt continued, revealing that he first thought Holmes was an officer because of the swat gear he was dressed in:

..but he grew suspicious as he noticed Holmes was sitting calmly, and not running toward the murder scene. Oviatt said he pointed his gun at Holmes, who ‘immediately put his hands up’ when ordered to freeze. He then handcuffed and searched him.

Oviatt found two knives and a semi-automatic handgun on top of Holmes’ car. Ammunition fell out of Holmes’ pocket and he found another magazine on the ground.

Other details that Oviatt gave to the court mirrored the dazed and confused Holmes that many saw on television:

Holmes was dripping of sweat and his pupils were wildly dilated as he told the officer that his apartment had been booby trapped.

Other details were a bit more disturbing.

When Officer Justin Grizzle testified, he told the court full of Holmes’ victims that he saw several bodies and that he slipped on the blood when entering the movie theater. Grizzle jumped into action, taking those who were wounded to the nearest hospital in his police vehicle.

“He said there was so much blood in his car that he could hear it sloshing around.”

Holmes, who was sporting a new low, brown buzz hair cut, was emotionless during the hearing.

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This week’s hearing aids the judge in determining whether the prosecution’s case is strong enough to warrant a trial.

With family members of the dead and many victims of the shooting attending the hearing, we’re sure it was an emotional day. Stay strong Aurora. Justice will soon be served.

SOURCE: Daily Mail


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