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Last week James Holmes opened fire on innocent movie watchers leaving their families and loved ones lives to mourn and funerals to plan far too soon. 

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However, the Aurora movie theater where Holmes opened fire, killing 12 and injuring 58, is offering to foot the bill for the funerals of those murdered by Holmes during the attacks. 

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As reported by TMZ:

Several funerals were held Friday in Aurora, Colorado — one of them for Rebecca Wingo … a 32-year-old mother of 2. 
Sources close to Rebecca’s mother tell TMZ, Cinemark — corporate owners of the Century 16 Theater — called the chapel where Rebecca’s service was held … and offered to foot the bill for her funeral.
In fact, the owner of the chapel says Cinemark told him it was willing to provide financial backing to all victims’ families — by paying any funeral expenses not covered by the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund.
We’re told Rebecca’s mother turned down the offer.
It’s unclear how many funeral homes and chapels in Aurora got the same call. C

Even if the victims are not accepting the funeral charges, it is a heartfelt offer from the cinema and a small step towards starting the healing process.


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