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The people of Aurora are still recovering from the massive shooting during the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises, and as investigation goes on more details are still being revealed.

One of the victims of the shooting, a former Navy member, named Jonathan Blunk, tried to stand up to James Holmes before he shot into the entire theater leaving dozens injured and 12 dead.

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A member of the Air Force said of Jonathan at his funeral:

“Law enforcement is leaning toward he was trying to get the (suspect’s) gun to save people’s lives. He was a hero, and I salute him.”

Jonathan, who was 24, is credited for saving his friend’s life, as well as trying to protect the rest of the moviegoers when James entered the theater to shoot at the innocent victims.

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His service was attended by his wife, daughter, son, and many service members.

We pray for the victims of the Aurora massacre and are very thankful that James saved at least one person during the shooting.

SOURCE: NY Daily News