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Heath Ledger was one of the most fascinating male actors Hollywood has ever seen and a new emerging diary from him shows how serious he took his role as the “Joker.”

The diary Heath kept during the production of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed 2008 film “The Dark Knight” is the subject of a new clip from the documentary “Too Young to Die” and is making the rounds online.

In a clip from the doc, Kim Ledger, goes through his son’s journal, which offers an interesting glimpse into the reference points the actor used to help create his take on Batman’s arch enemy.

As he flips through the pages, the actor’s father says:

“This is the Joker’s diary.

In order to inhabit his character, he (Heath) locked himself up in a hotel room for weeks.

He would do that. He liked to dive into his characters, but this time he really took it up a notch.”

He continues:

“The hospital scene is interesting because when he was a kid, his sister Kate liked to dress him up as a nurse. He was really funny like that. He also was in the movie.

Heath’s role in Dark Knight was truly an impeccable one, that left an amazing lasting impression on the world of film. Check out the late great’s diary in the clip above.


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