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The plot keeps on getting thicker around the Aurora, Colorado shooter, James Holmes, who opened fire in a full theater of innocent people attending a midnight viewing of The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday. 

James killed 12 people and wounded 58, some critically. 

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The 24-year-old former student was dressed as The Joker when police apprehended him outside of the theater, and later admitted that his home was booby trapped with explosives, which took officials nearly 2 days to disarm. 

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Now, after a few days of investigation, it has become even more clear that Holmes had this attack planned months in advance and is believed to have spent a total of $15,000 on supplies and ammunition to follow through with his horrible act. 

The Huffington Post Reports: 

Holmes apparently had prepared the attack at the Aurora theater well in advance, receiving multiple deliveries by mail for four months to his home and school and buying thousands rounds of ammunition on the Internet, Oates said.
“He had a high volume of deliveries,” Oates said. “We think this explains how he got his hands on the magazine, ammunition,” he said, as well as the rigged explosives in his apartment.

“What we’re seeing here is evidence of some calculation and deliberation,” Oates added.

CBS News reports just how much the murderer sent prepping for his mass shooting:

Sources say investigators have found key evidence in dumpsters and trash bins outside of James Holmes’ apartment, including a shipping label from an internet ammunition store called

Investigators also tell CBS News they have recovered a surveillance video of James Holmes picking up approximately 150 pounds of ammunition at a Federal Express outlet in Colorado.

They’ve interviewed a UPS driver who says Holmes had 90 packages delivered to his workplace on the University of Colorado medical campus.

And sources say over the past several months, Holmes spent about $15,000 as he was putting together his deadly arsenal — guns, chemicals, explosives, and ammunition.

There have been no reports on the motive behind the shooting. 

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