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Following the senseless theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado last Friday, Celeb Boutique was bashed for posting a marketing-based tweet based off the trending topic of the day, #Aurora. 

The UK-based boutique used the tweet to promote a dress in their collection by the same name, and later apologized for the insensitive tweet, stating that they were unaware of the shooting massacre. 

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Now, not even a week after the shooting, there is another brand cropping up with a seemingly insensitive tribute to Aurora victims: a remembrance thong.

The thong underwear, a product of CafePress, features a logo on the front that reads “Aurora 7-20-12” with a black remembrance ribbon. 

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But much like the folks over at Celeb Boutique, Cafe Press claims that the remembrance thong was unintentional. 

The brand reached out to the New York Times fashion blog The Cut with the following explanation for the thong:

CafePress is saddened by the tragedy in Aurora and our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

As you may know, CafePress is a marketplace of merchandise designed by its users. Every day users upload an average 20,000 designs with topics ranging from political to humor to social commentary and everything in between. We believe this design was created by a user with the best of intentions, meant for a t-shirt or other similar product, in support of the victims.

Unfortunately, at times, when uploading images users may inadvertently click the “add to all products” button when they upload a design. In most cases this is fine, but as you can see, this design may have a different meaning when presented on a t-shirt than it does on other items.

In this instance, CafePress has taken action and removed the design from inappropriate products.

Let’s just all chill with the Aurora references in fashion and rap, and allow the families of those affected to mourn the tragedy.

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