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Eric Benet is a veteran in the game, but he doesn’t look a day over 25. Still as soulful and sexy as he’s always been, he’s currently down in New Orleans where he’s opening up for Cee-Lo during tonight’s Allstate Fan Fest leading up to the BCS National Championship game.

GlobalGrind’s Sharon Carpenter is in the middle of all the action and made some time to catch up with the R&B crooner who’s the proud father of a new baby girl.

EXCLUSIVE: Is Cee-Lo Reuniting With Goodie Mob? Sharon Carpenter Has The Scoop!

Already the father of 20 year-old India, Eric opened up on the birth of his new daughter and how it’s different the second time around.

He also discussed what he’s looking forward to in 2012, stating, “I’d like to see talent come back in style.”

Check out our exclusive above and make sure you check out the Allstate Fan Fest tonight, streaming live on GlobalGrind starting at 7:30PM EST.

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