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***okay, okay, its this isn’t in the words of Reggie Bush. But if 6Magazine was a PR firm, this is what we’d encourage Reggie to say to get this whole ordeal over with. 

In the words of Reggie Bush


In the last year I have been vilified by the media because of my actions as a student athlete at USC. I have let down the USC, the alumni, Pete Carroll and his staff, former teammates, and current and future Trojans because of the decisions I made as a young man.



The impact of myself taking extra benefits has been far more far reaching than I could ever have imagined. The hard work of the teams I led has been diminished. My Heisman trophy has at the moment been compromised. I want to come clean, as a mature man. I think it is only fair that I?tell my side of the story instead of the vicious media portrayal that?has become standard in every ESPN broadcast.

I have learned from the?stories of Mark McGuire, Pete Rose and Roger Clemens. I did indeed?take the money and gifts. I was young impressionable and surrounded by?the same type of people that continue to prey on college athletes. I?take full responsibility, yet I felt justified when I could not afford McDonalds for dinner, but my #5 jersey was selling all across campus?for $60 dollars a pop. I wanted to simply take care of and help my family.


Opportunities arose before the end of my eligibility at SC and I took?advantage of those. Now looking at the impact my decisions, made in haste, have?made I can only issue a sincere apology. I take full responsibility?for my actions and though ‘I cannot make things right’ I will continue?to try to bolster the USC brand while continuing to mentor those who?could possibly make adverse decisions as I have made in the past.  USC?and everybody from Mike Garrett on down did not deserve the predicament I have caused.

Once again I am sorry from the bottom of my?heart. Someone once said ‘the truth shall set you free,’ I am putting?this issue to rest and actively pursuing my own freedom with this?issue today. As for my Heisman trophy which may or may not be vacated,?I earned that trophy regardless of what choices have jeopardized me?being the 2005 Heisman trophy winner. Furthermore, the blood sweat and?tears of my former teammates who are equally responsible for me earning?that trophy will be negated. I never have taken performance enhancing?drugs. I won the trophy through hard work and dedication regardless of?my actions off the field. The Heisman trophy will always be mine?regardless if it is taken or no