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How many times have you heard him breathe into your ear those four famous words while he maneuvered his way around your lady parts: whose p***y is this?? Better question: How many times have you answered him with the words: yours daddy?? We have all been there, I know I have, and I completely get it!! Men’s egos need to hear titles that make them feel in control, domineering and even father like even if it is a little creepy when you consider the literal meaning behind those words! Sly smile…

The more I thought about this scenario, the more I considered the whole “Daddy’s little girl” and the “single mommy; no Daddy around” situation. For me personally I don’t think I will ever be completely fulfilled until I tackle my own Daddy demons and not attempt to make my boyfriend the stand-in Daddy that I never had. It just makes sense that the paternal man that should represent stability, trust and protection possess those same qualities in your current love interest.


The old cliché in any psychological session is usually attributed to what your Daddy was or was not able to provide. We as women want and often need what Steve Harvey stated in his book, ACT LIKE A WOMAN, THINK LIKE A MAN. According to him, these are considered staples to being happy in a successful relationship.

They are the three “P’s”, and they have become my mantra. Any man worth pursuing has to PROVIDE, PROTECT, AND PROFESS!!! Our worth is often defined by what our Fathers taught us with both words and actions, therefore he should PROVIDE for us and prayerfully our mother monetarily; he should PROTECT his family whenever danger is present, and he should PROFESS his love and adoration consistently.

These attributes will undoubtedly make us more capable of expecting, not just hoping that these traits are a mainstay in our mate.

As I write this blog now, I realize that it is often very cathartic to go through the angst and uncertainty that was present when I was a child and my father chose to be absent. By the time I realized that family meant that both the Mom and Dad were supposed to be present and share the responsibility of rearing the children, I was already acting out and behaving in a manner that needed desperate help.

My family suffers from Alcoholism and drug abuse on both sides, so being predisposed for substance abuse coupled with not having a Dad to base my ideas and moral fiber on became a recipe for disaster and out of control behavior.

I am not proud of my impetuous choices that led to being kicked out of numerous schools and camps. Choices that landed me in too many fights too count, a revolving door seat in the principal’s office and “fast ass” hookups with multiple boys pretending to be men.


I am also not attempting to solely place blame on my absentee Dad when ultimately the decisions were still mine to make. I am however in my late thirties, the mother of a 12 year old boy, and I am single.

The reality of my never having been married, my having a child out of wedlock, and long since having broken up with his Dad I believe does affect the way I relate to men and the energy that is created in finding my potential lifelong partner.

I mean, it has to all be tied in somehow right???!! Who we are today is fundamentally created by who were as children. Our surroundings, our parents participation in our lives both in and out of school; or lack thereof, and the values and morals tha

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