After the viral craze of Antoine Dodson’s hilarious “Bed Intruder” song, the Gregory Brothers present their newest production around the princess-of-politics wannabee who has been accused of witchcraft, Christine O’Donnell.  Like Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell’s frequent media mishaps and general political character make her a vulnerable yet brilliant target for parody.   Her famous quote, […]

Hey it’s @kittiemeeyowww! How many times have you heard him breathe into your ear those four famous words while he maneuvered his way around your lady parts: whose p***y is this?? Better question: How many times have you answered him with the words: yours daddy?? We have all been there, I know I have, and […]


Today, Sara Bareilles of ‘Love Song’ fame is releasing her sophomore album Kaleidoscope Heart. No offense to Bareilles, but she is the exactly the kind of artist that would have been a one-hit wonder 10 years ago. Her music, while definitely catchy and well-written, doesn’t really have that superstar appeal. If this was 2003, Bareilles […]


  We all watched the video of Antoine Dodson explaining, in the most dramatic way, how an intruder entered his home and attempted to attack his sister. Within the next 2 days there was a catchy song made out of the audio that gained over 7 million views on youtube. The song even made the […]

LA is a crazy world for me.  I run around getting no special attention cause no one knows who i am, but im followed by paps everyday…i’m very unglamourous and roll out with no make up on…they end up with a picture of my camel toe, or their flash is so bright they end up […]