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LA is a crazy world for me.  I run around getting no special attention cause no one knows who i am, but im followed by paps everyday…i’m very unglamourous and roll out with no make up on…they end up with a picture of my camel toe, or their flash is so bright they end up with a nipple or two.  My friends have to tell me when they are posted cause i have web-a-phobia in case people say something mean.

went to malibu the other day, cause i felt ripped off for not going in the water in this heat, and looksy here is a photographer…i could see where he was at so i walked in the water backwards in my bloody bikini which i never wear (but my reel is nearly filled with acting in them, even when i get a role with clothes on there is a sudden re-write with a bikini damn it, don’t get it) anyway i have a saggy empty bag for an ass so i walked in backwards and tried enjoying a swim, while trying to look hot (very tricky)… next day the pic is on the news in australia, and my dad’s telling me he is proud of me, for what? going to the beach? people were saying i was sexy which is which is bazaar… i have this sexy image out there and it’s so un true, but at the end of the day,i have a floppy ass, and u know what? i’m pretty sure i’m bad in bed, i’m lazy… i’m like a dead fish









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