If someone comes at you with trash talk, do one spin and hit 'em with a "thank you!"

Prom season is in full effect and as you might expect, high schoolers continue to get creative for the big event. While some celebrate their favorite celebs for the night, others are honoring one of the most important people they know — their parents. Take Kedrian Woodruff for example. Her father passed away more than four […]

Instead of looking to a regular store for a prom dress, one Memphis, Tennessee teen looked to her deceased great grandmother for inspiration. Skyler Branch of White Station High School decided to honor her dad’s grandmother — whom she was close to — by making a dress dedicated to inspirational Black women. “She said ‘Mom, there’s […]

Cushnie Et Ochs just took the little black dress to a stylish new level- and we’re so grateful. Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs debuted their Fall/Winter 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week and the staple piece was just one of the presentation’s focuses. A variety of options of the LBD made their way down the runway, […]

Here’s What Color and Vision Experts Think About the Blue and Black (or White and Gold) Dress http://t.co/8Kopf2taX0 pic.twitter.com/5xDOr0geJT — Health magazine (@goodhealth) February 27, 2015 Do you see this dress as white and gold, or blue and black? The now-infamous gown that stumped the entire World Wide Web just a week ago is up for […]

The dress is blue and black. And here is the white and gold. Smh pic.twitter.com/SRUDyonA64 — Michael Vilceanu (@Curropted) February 27, 2015 There is always some sort of viral debate going down on Twitter, and today’s discussion has led to guessing the color of a dress. Yes, you read that right. On a Tumblr page, […]

UPDATE: 02/28/15 8:16 A.M. EST Lupita Nyong’o‘s now-famous Oscar dress was returned to the scene of the crime. According to the thief, who called TMZ, the pearls were fake. The site reports: A guy called us at around 2:30 PM Friday and said he had taken the dress from Lupita’s hotel room after he noticed […]