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There is always some sort of viral debate going down on Twitter, and today’s discussion has led to guessing the color of a dress. Yes, you read that right.

On a Tumblr page, a photo of a dress was uploaded by a user named swiked, and it has sparked a huge debate amongst viewers to determine whether it’s white and gold, or black and blue.

Many have argued that it is a black and blue dress that just has been filtered for the photo, while others believe it to be a white and gold dress in shadowed lighting.

According to BuzzFeed, the dress is actually gold and white, as the camera it was taken with “casts the whites in a blue tone and mutes the gold to a darker color.”

A source revealed to the site:

“People who see blue and black are seeing the photo at face value. People who see gold and white are compensating to the photo’s lighting and aesthetic.”

Business Insider also discovered an interesting theory behind #thedress, as photoshop colors identify the white/blue portion of the dress as a blue hue, with the gold/black portion being a gold hue.

They state:

So we put the dress to Photoshop, a program that should not be susceptible to variations in genetics or eye strength, to see what it sees.

Here are the results and they are fascinating. Basically, one of the colors falls on the black/gold border and the other falls on the blue/white border.

At this point it appears to be just how your eyes adjust to the mix of colors. If your eyes are more sensitive to blue and black, that’s what you see, if they are more sensitive to the lighter colors, that is what you see.

Mashable also discovered that the original dress is actually black and blue, as it is being sold for $77, which you can buy to wear. Sorry, #TeamGoldAndWhite.

What color do you see the dress as? Why do you think people are seeing different colors?

SOURCE: TumblrBuzzFeed, Business Insider, Mashable | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter