The Daily Grind Video

After the viral craze of Antoine Dodson’s hilarious “Bed Intruder” song, the Gregory Brothers present their newest production around the princess-of-politics wannabee who has been accused of witchcraft, Christine O’Donnell.  Like Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell’s frequent media mishaps and general political character make her a vulnerable yet brilliant target for parody.  

Her famous quote, “I’m not a witch” has been elaborated into an auto-tune track with her looking like a sweet evil with her perfectly straightened shoulder length cut and a neck adorned with a string of pristine white pearls yet trying to seduce the youth glued to the computer screens by absurdly reciting over and over again “I’m not a witch, I’m Christine O’Donnell, I’m you none of us are perfect.”  

The mix of political humor and pop culture are manifested in a T-Pain and ADHD friendly way to entertain today’s generation for two minutes in this video.  Take a look at the video in the following page!