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These Bad Girls can’t seem to get it together. Episode 8 of The Bad Girls Club was aptly titled ‘arrivals and departures’ because these ladies are coming and going like the wind. Some partying and make believe drama gets the house in a frenzy, as these bad girls are continuously up to know good. Check out The Good, The Bad and Ugly of Episode 8!


The Good

The Girls are being friendly….well as friendly as they can be and by friendly I mean cordially separate. Now that Lea and Brandi are no longer the BFF’s of the house Brandi needs to find her place in the circle with Danielle and Erica. Thinking that money will buy her love Brandi splurges on the two friends and hopes that this will get her on the good side. Meanwhile the so-called leaders of the house Lea and Kristen have been spending their days getting mani/pedis and having club house meetings on top of the bad girl’s club jeep as they plot to get more girls out the house in hopes that some new party girls will arrive.


The Bad

Lea and Kristen are on a mission to get these girls out. The two have been double teaming  their housemates trying to see which girl will break down and go home. The plan is to start pointless arguments with the ladies and pull a few pranks. The two also are trying to drive a wedge between Danielle and Erica. Feeding Danielle lies about her best bud in the house. Lea and Kristen have definitely found the weak link.


The Ugly

All the stress of the house is starting to take a toll on one bad girl in particular. Danielle who has become the third while now that Erica has boy toy Adrian, starts to become home sick. Although she tries to stick it out Danielle finally gives in and decides it is time to be around her true friends. Just as she walking out the door in comes NEW ROOMMATES!


With two new girls in the house more fighting has got to be around the corner. My prediction, the bad girls are about to get their second wind. STAY TUNED FOR NEXT WEEK’S RECAP!

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