It’s hard to capture the energy of a live performance in a still photograph, but the best performance pictures do just that. In a good performance shot, you can see the sweat dripping from the artist’s brow and envision the crowd chanting their name wildly. We know that front row seat tickets can be expensive […]


Fall Out Boy lead singer and guitarist Patrick Stump has been readying his solo album for awhile, and now we have the first listen of what he’s been working on. The track is called ‘Cute Girls’ and is featured on his EP ‘Truant Wave,’ which hits iTunes on February 22nd. The new track is a […]

The recent Black Girls Rock extravaganza was a stirring success. But black girls have been rocking for a long time. Rock and roll, heavy metal, soft rock, indie rock, black women have done it all. Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, the list goes on. It takes more than a sultry voice and guitar lick to make […]

In her article Black Feminism, Tyler Perry Style Salamishah Tillet, of ‘The Root’ best articulated the significance of the original Shange piece ‘For Colored Girls’ when she said, ‘the play’s boldness was not simply in its diagnoses of black women blues but in its unwavering belief that black feminism was a viable remedy for those […]

I just watched a round table interview on Black men’s reactions to ‘For Colored Girls.’ There seems to be a consensus that Black men don’t like how they are portrayed in the movie. I’ve even heard it extended to all of Tyler Perry’s movies. I personally don’t think this is a ‘Black’ men issue, but a […]

Ladies, Maintain your Dignity, Power and Respect. by Elaine Carter       I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, For Colored Girls.  The movie brings up food for thought about male and female relationships.  How do you maintain your dignity and wholeness in a challenging relationship?  Every breathing Soul has the right to peace of mind, […]

  Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls is Oscar Worthy!   by Elaine Carter           Today is the premiere of Tyler Perry’s, For Colored Girls.  I caught the first matinee showing of the movie in a suburb of Chicago. With it being a weekday, I was thinking that there would be a […]

If you thought the bad girls were wild and reckless in Miami then you will really think things went crazy when the ladies took a trip to Key West Florida. Lots of boozing, tons of boys and a couple of bad girls is exactly what Key West needed. But as you know it is never […]

We’ve all seen the GQ photoshoot with Glee’s resident hotties, Cory Monteith, Diana Agron andLea Michele. Sure they might have been a little racy, but honestly, was it any worse than any other magazine spreads we’ve seen? The Parents Television Council seems to think so. ‘It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for […]

Episode 10 of Bad Girls Club was defintely worth the wait. The girls really put it to the test to see who runs Miami. With new girl Christina putting up a fight to earn her respect in the house and frenemies Brandi and Lea going back and forth, this episode defintely amped up the entertainment. […]

Time-Out for Tyler Perry by Elaine Carter   Tyler Perry is a talented do-it-all man.  He acts, directs, writes and produces, on average 2 movies a year. That is an accelerated pace by Hollywood standards.  The movies are not short changed on entertainment value either.  Millions love his drama queen grandma character Madea and her […]