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Episode 10 of Bad Girls Club was defintely worth the wait. The girls really put it to the test to see who runs Miami. With new girl Christina putting up a fight to earn her respect in the house and frenemies Brandi and Lea going back and forth, this episode defintely amped up the entertainment. Plus it didn’t hurt that there was a special guest apperance by former bad girl Natalie Nunn. Check out The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, of Bad Girls Club episode 10.


The Good

Los Angles bad girl Natalie Nunn of season 4 fame came and took Miami by storm. After running into new roomate Christina, Natalie takes this fellow bad girl under her wing and shows how to be a true bad girl. Although Natalie doesn’t meet the other roomates she offers Christina a few tips on how to survive and be a better bad girl than when she originally came into the house.


The Bad

Lea and Kristen are still plotting to get Christina out the house. They don’t like her and want her gone. It doesn’t help when Cristina’s alarm goes off, waking Lea and causing her to come upstairs and take out some of her frustrations on the clock. Lea reminds Christina why she doesn’t like her, but this doesn’t seem to phase the newbie. Funny thing is that their beef is squashed by the end of the episode.


The Ugly

Ever since Lea and Brandi have had their falling out the two have not been the BFF’s they once were. This has really gotten to Brandi and just when the two seem like they were getting on good terms, Brandi in a drunken stupor goes over everything that went wrong between the friends and of course tries to break up stuff in the house. Lea can’t forgive Brandi for her previous actions and this only propels Brandi’s anger sending her on a rampage through the house.

It looks like there is some more trouble brewing in the Bad Girls Club stay tuned until next weeks recap of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Bad Girls Club Season 5!

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