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If you thought the bad girls were wild and reckless in Miami then you will really think things went crazy when the ladies took a trip to Key West Florida. Lots of boozing, tons of boys and a couple of bad girls is exactly what Key West needed. But as you know it is never all is well with these girls. Check out what kind of mayhem happened when the bad girls hit Key West in episode 12!



The ladies had a good time in Key West. Kristen  and Christina get drunk and the rest of the ladies find some boy toys to keep them entertained. Key West brings the girls together and the trip starts off as fun but then things turn!







The Key West trip is all bad for Kristen. Although she was totally excited by the trip Kristen was bothered by the overwhelming reminder that her and Lea’s friendship is slowly going down the drain. Once they bar hopping begins Kristen buddies up with Christina and the two begin a night boozing. Kristen gets totally wasted and is stranded by Christina, leaving Kristen to be on unhappy drunk girl!



The tension between Lea and Kristen has been brewing for a while now and it finally comes to a head during this weekend getaway. Totally inebrated and unhappy about being left stranded in a bar Kristen waits for her roomates to get home before she begins flying off the handle. Although Christina was the one who left Kristen, Kristen starts arguing with Lea. It doesn’t take long before Lea has had enough and gets in Kristen’s face. To my shock and dismay Kristen gets bold and slaps Lea. Of course Lea isn’t going to let this go down and the two begin to rumble. It wasn’t long before the producers step in and decided it is time for bad girl Kristen to go home.

With one episode left you would think these girls will be able to get along but I guess we will have to wait and find found. Stay tuned for next weeks THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY!