mizz dr

Popular Instagram model Diana Escotto, better known as “Mizz DR,” was arrested this past Thursday in affiliation with the murder of a man found in the trunk of a car last month in the Bronx, New York. The model was charged with hindering arrest in the murder of Jordan Johnson. According to Pix 11:  Johnson was reported missing Jan. […]

If you thought the bad girls were wild and reckless in Miami then you will really think things went crazy when the ladies took a trip to Key West Florida. Lots of boozing, tons of boys and a couple of bad girls is exactly what Key West needed. But as you know it is never […]

Kid Cudi was a having a rock star moment in Hollywood this weekend. He partied like a rockstar and it showed as stumbled to his vehicle outside of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Kid Cudi was a having a rock star moment in Hollywood this weekend. He partied like a rockstar to the 10th power and it showed as he made his way back to his vehicle. As he stumbled out of the Roosevelt Hotel, I think it’s safe to say that Kid Cudi had an amazing time! […]

Charlie Sheen is a freaking rockstar! Reports are flying around that Charlie Sheen got wasted trashed his hotel room, and ended up naked and hospitalized. TMZ reports Charlie was taken to New York Hospital at 2:30 AM.  Police sources say Charlie went voluntarily and that Charlie was ‘intoxicated, irrational’ and ’emotionally disturbed.’ Since TMZ broke […]

Nothing beats getting drunk. I mean I’m sure some celebrities like to do the hard stuff but honestly a good drink or 20 with a few friends is always fun. Especially when you’re a celebrity. Over the weekend I had a ‘hangover time‘ with my friends from Atlanta. While I won’t go into too much […]

Let the debauchery begin! Well in this case continue. This week was yet another thrill seeking episode of Oxygen’s ‘Bad Girls Club’ and the ladies once again lived up to their bad girl title. There was more throwing, more fighting, more drinking and you guessed more boys! So without further adieu let’s jump into this […]

One of favorite guidettes, Snooki, has a date, but it’s not with the gorilla juicehead of her dreams, it’s a court date. August 18, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi will appear before a judge at the Seaside Heights, New Jersey municipal court in connection with her arrest last Friday on disorderly conduct charges. Although Snooki isn’t facing […]


Lindsay Lohan just leaked out a record called, ‘Too Young to Die’.  Not sure if this is a redemption song or just a coincidentally relevant leak but this time, the law puts its foot down and she Lindsay will be punished.  It’s hard to decipher the level of sincerity in an blatantly auto-tuned song but […]


Amanda Monti of Liverpool, England is the woman that all men hate to get angry. At an after hour house party Monti wanted to get some loving from her ex-boyfriend, Geoffery Jones, Jones refused all her advances to get intimate. Angry and embarrassed, things turned ugly, Geoffery ended up throwing a drunk Monti out of […]

Ya girl Amy Winehouse was out and about in the London streets the other night and she was in a very loving mood giving kisses to everybody she encountered. The ‘Rehab’ diva was at a Jazz after Dark club in Soho where she performed a set and afterward enjoyed the night.  Whinehouse has been doing […]

Zoe Saldana wanted to have a good time with her mother, so they went to Trousdale nightclub on Saturday. From the looks of things they had a good time. Zoe Saldana looked like she partied very hard, but she was still as beautiful as ever as her mother escorted her out of the club.  Maybe the […]