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Lindsay Lohan just leaked out a record called, ‘Too Young to Die’.  Not sure if this is a redemption song or just a coincidentally relevant leak but this time, the law puts its foot down and she Lindsay will be punished.  It’s hard to decipher the level of sincerity in an blatantly auto-tuned song but Lindsay, at the age of 24 still feels that she is too young to pay for the consequences of her actions.  

In the literal sense, this is actually a song about heartbreak but the timeliness couldn’t have been more perfect for the leak. ‘I knew I was in trouble for the moment I laid eyes on you’, we wonder which of her favorite vices she is referring to but as expected she ‘went ahead, what a stupid thing to do, now I’m in trouble’ 



She anticipated that there would be a price, ‘I could see ya coming like a weather warning on the news’ but ultimately she thinks that she is the victim and hands the responsibility to this mysterious entity (addiction?) and says, ‘I just be outta my mind and you could do some time it’s true… I’m just another victim of love.’

Although her lyrics are less than juicy, J.R. Rotem produced it with a familiar mainstream beat that audiences can follow and hopefully with a couple more voice lessons she can come back with a more mature and complex timbre to sing her come-back track. 


Thanks for the update Lindsay, you doesn’t think it’s completely fair but there is at least some recognition of voluntary participation.  We hope that by the time she gets out that there will be a deeper, truly self-reflective record that will evoke emotions outside of sympathy.