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One of favorite guidettes, Snooki, has a date, but it’s not with the gorilla juicehead of her dreams, it’s a court date. August 18, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi will appear before a judge at the Seaside Heights, New Jersey municipal court in connection with her arrest last Friday on disorderly conduct charges.

Although Snooki isn’t facing any jail time for the charge, she could be fined between $250 and $1,000.

Snooki has two weeks to go before she has to appear before a judge but in the mean time she is still filming season 3 of Jersey Shore at Seaside Heights.

We at GG think there are some things that Snooki should and shouldn’t be doing while waiting for coming up court date. I mean we don’t want to see Snooki in any more trouble!


[pagebreak]Even though Snooki and the rest of the cast of Jersey Shore are trying to live it up (and by live it up we mean party all the time) while they are filming the third season of the show, maybe Snooki should try to keep it low key for the next to weeks. We know how much the cast likes to party, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year and haven’t seen at least a part of an episode of Jersey Shore, but in order for Snooki’s court date to go in her favor she needs to tone down her party girl imiage for a few days.


One thing Snooki can do to stay police free is take in some of the other enjoyments the Jersey Shore has to offer other than drinking.

It seems Snooki is already working on that one. She was seen Monday, August 2, on the boardwalk with her newest roommate Deena Nicole as they were filmed acting like bobble head dolls. 


One thing she shouldn’t do is try riding another bike while she’s drunk!

Besides the fact that she could get hurt, she could get a DUI in NJ while riding a bike!

Snooki doesn’t need any more legal troubles! has a video of the guidette tryng to ride a bike prior to her arrest, good thing good the cops weren’t around for that scene!


Another thing Snooki shouldn’t do is draw more attention to herself by doing something like this:

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