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Amanda Monti of Liverpool, England is the woman that all men hate to get angry. At an after hour house party Monti wanted to get some loving from her ex-boyfriend, Geoffery Jones, Jones refused all her advances to get intimate. Angry and embarrassed, things turned ugly, Geoffery ended up throwing a drunk Monti out of the house but it didn’t end there.

Monti later threw a brick through the window baiting Jones to come out and fight her, Jones fell for the bait, the two started wrestling on the lawn, Monti struggled with Jones and then Monti grabbed at his groin area and pulled so hard that his underpants came off.

Jones said in a BBC News article that he found himself completely naked and in excruciating pain. Jones then hobbled back into the house and into the kitchen to try and avoid further confrontation with Monti. While there, his friend who witnessed the event approached Jones and said, that’s yours. To Jones utter shock, he looked down into his friends hand and saw his testicle in it, which Monti had ripped completely off during the struggle. OUCH!!!

Fellas, what would you do to this woman?