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Michael Vick stepped out yesterday to support his fiancé, Kijafa Frink, for the grand opening of her accessories store “PNK Elephant.” The self-proclaimed accessories junkie made Philadelphia’s South Street the location for her flagship store, which launched her trendy, affordable accessories. Kijafa also used this grand opening as a way to promote the PNK Elephant’s […]

Vanessa Hudgens has a new movie in theaters called ‘Beastly’ and another movie coming out in a few weeks called ‘Sucker Punch.’ So when she posed for Cineplex magazine we jumped for joy knowing one of Vanessa Hudgens has a new movie in theaters called ‘Beastly’ and another movie coming out in a few weeks […]


The title to this post is a question I’m going to seek the answer to this Friday, September 17. That day, I am moderating a panel at the Congressional Black Caucus entitled, The Impact of Hip-Hop On American Politics, hosted by Congressman André Carson (IN-7). Now I understand not everyone reading this can join in […]

We all know what a beauty Selena Gomez is, and we certainly see where she got her cutie-pie looks from! Amanda, a.k.a. Mandy is definitely a passenger on the cougar train! Mandy gave birth to Selena Gomez at sixteen; it’s wonder she still has a touch a youth in her! She is in an Italian […]

Just last month Amanda Bynes annouced her retirement from acting on Twitter. she said that she just wasn’t in love with acting the way she used to be. Now Amanda Bynes has just annouced that she is unretired. This makes me think that her so called ‘retirement’ was for publicity. After annoucing her unretirement, Amanda […]


Amanda Monti of Liverpool, England is the woman that all men hate to get angry. At an after hour house party Monti wanted to get some loving from her ex-boyfriend, Geoffery Jones, Jones refused all her advances to get intimate. Angry and embarrassed, things turned ugly, Geoffery ended up throwing a drunk Monti out of […]

Amanda Seyfried stopped by a local coffee shop for a meeting and looked amazing with out make up. Amanda left HBO’s Big Love earlier this year during the 4th season, but it might not be the last of Amanda Seyfried on Big Love. She told the LA Times “I’m gonna go back, probably at the end […]


They’re the face (and body) of the world’s biggest lifestyle brands. They are supermodels, and they aren’t cheap. Forbes recently released its list of the top-earning models for last year and it’s been tough times for beautiful faces. They are the top paid models in the world, arguably the most beautiful women from across the […]

Amanda Seyfried brought her sexiness and amazing wit to see Chelsea Handler to talk about her lesbian scenes and a tattoo of her nick name which means vagina. I think I have to add that to my bucket list, date a girl whose nickname means vagina. Amanda Seyfried told Chelsea that ‘It means vagina and kind […]

On June 6, 2010 MTV’s 2010 Movie Awards will air live from Universal City, California. It’s going to be a tough competition with all the great films that have been released this past year including ‘The Hangover,‘ ‘Avatar,’ and ‘New Moon‘ which all have five nominations. Categories for Best Male and Best female include Hollywood […]


I get hit with a lot of music. I mean a lot. Most of the time it’s random hits, but lately I’ve been getting sure fire suggestions from people I trust. Here is a quick rundown of the standouts I’ve got my eyes and ears on. Adad Co-sign: Amanda Diva Location: Chicago While checking the […]

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