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Let the debauchery begin! Well in this case continue. This week was yet another thrill seeking episode of Oxygen’s ‘Bad Girls Club’ and the ladies once again lived up to their bad girl title. There was more throwing, more fighting, more drinking and you guessed more boys! So without further adieu let’s jump into this weeks GOOD, BAD and UGLY of the Bad Girls Club episode four!



The ladies in the Bad Girls Club had been patiently awaiting a replacement roommate for defunct BGC member Morgan, well this week they got their wish. Enter Kayleigh! The newest bad girl made her debut and entered the world of these crazy broads who planned a hazing process for their new housemate. Kayleigh being the trooper that she was didn’t let the girls taunting and silent treatment phase her and eventually won them over (even though they got her drunk) with her party girl attitude!


The Bad

The bad all began when Cat invited over her ‘BooBoo’ and a brigade of friends. The other bad girls were all down for company until they realized company included a fleet of burly men and easily inebriated ladies. This turned bad quickly with her friends throwing up all over the place, knocking things over, and pretty much turning the bad girls house upside down. This of course did not sit well with the ladies and really got to Brandi who demanded that Cat’s friends leave the house. Well bad girls run with bad boys and one of Cat’s friends wanted to go toe to toe with Brandi. Of course she wasn’t having it! So you can guess what happened next more screaming and bottle throwing.


The Ugly

Still fueling from her argument with an unwanted house guest Brandi oddly enough begins to wreck the bad girls house even more than the guest did. Letting her frustrations out on the Bad Girls Club home decor, bad girl Danielle becomes annoyed by Brandi’s irrational behavior and confronts the already angry roommate. Danielle thought she had something over Brandi by calling her a stripper but that didn’t evoke any type of emotion compared to the whirlwind that occurred when Brandi in turn brought up Danielle’s past heroin use. It seems as though every Bad Girls Club episode ends with someone being apprehended. Can’t

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