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Time-Out for Tyler Perry

by Elaine Carter


Tyler Perry is a talented do-it-all man.  He acts, directs, writes and produces, on average 2 movies a year. That is an accelerated pace by Hollywood standards.  The movies are not short changed on entertainment value either.  Millions love his drama queen grandma character Madea and her off-color way of delivering enlightening messages.



Earlier this year, Perry took Madea on the road to over 40 cities presenting the play Madea’s Big Happy Family.  In addition to that hectic schedule where Perry performed 125 shows in 126 days, he also made a movie this year, For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuff.  The movie is due to come out in early November, and I for one can’t wait.


But all of this production and hectic activity can take a toll on even the brawniest frame and the most energetic and willing spirit.  Perry recently sent out an email to his fans announcing that he will have to cancel performances of his encore leg of Madea’s Big Happy Family.  He states that he is exhausted, and who can blame him.  He is asking for forgiveness from his loyal followers and sincerely apologizes for needing to cancel various cities.  Refunds will be given for tickets purchased for upcoming scheduled performances that were cancelled.  Check with the ticket broker/location where you purchased your tickets to find out if you are affected by the cancellation.


We understand and forgive you T.P.  REST!  And we look forward to seeing For Colored Girls and your other wonderful stage productions and films to come!