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Ellen Degeneres has a special guest this week on her show and he made quite the impression. Lil’ P-Nut is just seven years old rapper with a growing fan base.

Lil’ P-Nut‘s presence says it all, he is definitely a rising star with his appropriately adorable humor and, of course what always wins us over, his respectful behavior as he always refers to Ellen as  ‘Ma’am.’

Lil’ P-Nut performed and it was not only cute, it was simply amazing. His rhymes were on point and age appropriate.  In the song, he is trying to bag a third grader, what is it about older women? Then after the performance Ellen hooks Lil’ P-Nut up with a Mini Escalade! We were totally awe-stuck and we can’t wait to see what Lil’ P-nut has in store for the future!

Check out the clip from her show!

Also check out his official music video on the next page!