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I’m going to tell you what makes people sexy. Sexy is not about how much body you show. Sexy is an attitude. Sexy is a sensuality of a lady.

You’ve never seen a h** be sexy, because a h** is a h**.

I just had this discussion with my daughter – it’s not about taking your clothes off. I have a reason to pose in swimsuits and to pose in magazines, because I am what they consider a sex symbol. I worked for it. I got that title, I didn’t put it on myself.

People decided I was a sex symbol, which means I have worked to achieve that persona. Now, if you’re posing in swimsuit you’re doing it for what reason? What is your claim to fame? I don’t understand.

I consider myself a role model for girls, because I’ve made mistakes before. I’ve been a part of that history of doing things that weren’t the smartest choice. But then I was like ‘wow,’ I survived that and I want to share that message with someone else so they don’t have to go through that same path.


That’s the difference, there is a time and place for everything. Understand that when you’re 15 you should be living those years because you’re not equipped yet to understand what a 20-year-old is suppose to know.

You haven’t lived it yet, you don’t have that experience, but that’s okay. Just sit back and go through the times you need to go through, learn what you need to learn. Remember, you can’t learn and know what I know because every year you getter older so do I. You’ll never catch up to me.

It’s very empowering being a role model because it helps me take responsibility and take acceptance for things I say and do. It helps me grow as a woman and as a value in our society. It makes me listen to my own words. How can you preach something that you’re not sowing?

You may not want the responsibility of being a role model, but in actuality you are. There is a time and place for everything and there are levels to everything and we can’t all be at the same level. Things aren’t designed that way.


We need followers, generals, sergeants, and all the different levels of commands. I say that to say that sometimes you’ve got spend time in your own level and take over that, be the guardian of that level and do it well because you don’t want to step over a level and miss the stuff in-between.

Looking at the levels I have gone through and what society is teaching our kids now makes me realize the things that need to be done.

I am more aware now.



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