I’m going to tell you what makes people sexy. Sexy is not about how much body you show. Sexy is an attitude. Sexy is a sensuality of a lady. You’ve never seen a h** be sexy, because a h** is a h**. I just had this discussion with my daughter – it’s not about taking […]

In case you were wondering if there is a person that is not a fan of MTVs hit show Jersey Shore, there is: Montana Fishburne. The daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne and trying to break into fame as a porn star, Montana Fishburne took to her twitter to speak about how she believe she is […]

The last few days have seen the online hip-hop community in an outrage over a video showing Kat Stacks being slapped and assaulted by some men. In searching the internet for the video I have seen many titles such as “Groupie HO Gets Attacked,” or “Groupie Kat Stacks Get Slapped Out Of Chair.” Even the […]

The Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington is known for his impeccable skills while performing on the silver screen.  Some of his most notable films include  ‘Malcolm X,’ ‘Glory,’ ‘Philadelphia,’ ‘Crimson Tide,’ ‘The Great Debaters’ and his award winning role in ‘Training Day.’ Currently the actor is going back to his roots and hitting the stage. […]

WRITTEN BY BLOGXILLA – GOSSIP & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen might be the future crush of young frat boys all over America. The Gossip Girl star might also be the role model for many of Gossip Girl’s young fans as well, but she doesn’t F-N care.  Taylor on being a role model: ‘I […]

<p>Not afraid to speak her mind, Taylor Momsen explained that she didn&rsquo;t sign up for &ldquo;Gossip Girl&rdquo; to be a role model.</p><p>The 16-year-old star said, &ldquo;To be honest, I don&rsquo;t fu**ing care. I didn&rsquo;t get into this to be a role model. So I&rsquo;m sorry if I&rsquo;m influencing your kids in a way that you […]


It was growing up that I experienced the positive influence a mentor can have on someone’s life.  Someone you can trust, who will support you and give you advice that is in your best interest. Having a parent that was addicted to drugs was especially challenging for me. There were times she was unable to […]