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It was growing up that I experienced the positive influence a mentor can have on someone’s life.  Someone you can trust, who will support you and give you advice that is in your best interest.

Having a parent that was addicted to drugs was especially challenging for me. There were times she was unable to be there for me due to her illness which is why having a growing support system was so critical. My mentors were family members, friends and teachers that I felt comfortable sharing all aspects of my life with.

In my life, mentors played a large role.

Growing up my Grandmother, Mr. Price (my Music teacher) and my Pastor’s son kept me on the right path when the wrong path was so easily accessible.

The importance of giving back and caring for those who are most in need of help is why I often lend my time to different charities and why I started my own foundation – MARIO’s DO RIGHT FOUNDATION

I encourage you to find a mentor and make that person an important part of your life. 


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