I headed down to Austin, Texas to check out the brand new 2018 Buick Regal Sportback. While I was in Texas I got to eat at some dope spots, drive on some amazing roads and hike down to Hamilton Pool. During my drive I really got to test out the 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine […]

When Hermes decided they were going to do a collaboration with Comme des Garcons, we thought that was as left field as it was going to get. It turns out we were very, very wrong. In a surprise collaboration, the high end Parisian luxury brand Hermes will be working with the moderately priced Korean car […]

  The Porsche 911 is about as iconic of a car as they come.  Since it’s inception in 1963, the 911 has been in countless movies, songs and driveways. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911 and while it’s been a half a century, Porshe always comes up with new ways to […]

Milk is very necessary for a growing boy and at 6’3″, you can imagine Theophilus London drinks a lot of milk! In the latest commercial for the Chevy’s fuel-efficient Sonic hatchback, Theophilus London is just hanging out at home when he realizes he’s all out of milk. Theo hops in the car to head to […]

In business, reaching the 100th anniversary is a great feat for any company. This year, Aston Martin happened to reach that goal and are celebrating the achievement in part by releasing the above video paying homage to their rich history. PHOTOS: Live Fast & Die A Legend In Paul McCartney’s $495,000 Aston Martin DB5 In 1913, […]

The Porsche has always been a prestigious vehicle that easily stands out from the other cars on the road. Since the 911 became the go-to car of wealthy playboys all over the world, Porsche, like other manufacturers, have tried to update the car yearly to go along with the changing times and technology. PHOTOS: That’s […]

Whenever someone thinks about an electric car, they inevitably think about a tiny ride that tops out at about 60-80 mph and doesn’t look like anything you would pay very close attention to if you saw it in the street.   Mercedes Benz is trying to change all of that, with the announcement of their electric-powered […]

Any fan of Porsche should be able to run naked through this warehouse just once! Serving as the holding area for all the vehicles being displayed at the Porsche Museum, the Porsche warehouse in Stuttgard, Germany is like a museum in and of itself.  VIDEO: Welcome To The Future! The Delorean’s First Test Drive Before […]

Fashion icon and designer Ralph Lauren is also a robust collector of fine automobiles!   Later this month fans of the designer (and auto enthusiasts) can see his awe inspiring collection in all their glory. The collection includes vintage Alfa Romero cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles, to the more recent limited edition Ferrari Enzo and the […]

Pink decided to be nice today and as we can see, she had a good day. The 31 year old mother to be has been taking photography classes, and decided to meet her mother at the pier for a photo shoot. Pink wore a flowing floral dress as she snapped pictures of her mother.  PHOTOS: […]

Hey it’s @STEPHJONESMUSIC! I’m my mother’s son. A person who loves cornbread casserole, my name is Steph Jones, born and raised in Houston, Texas. Shout Out to everyone at Mo-City! Growing up, my mother was a big fan of ‘Shut up,’ so I didn’t know I could actually sing until college. Every time I opened […]

We wanted to send a special ‘We Miss You’ to the late Aaliyah Haughton as today Wednesday, August 25th is 9 years to the day when Aaliyah tragically died in a plane crash. The plane crash happened in the Bahamas after filming the music video for ‘Rock The Boat’. Since the tragic accident and 9 […]