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I’m my mother’s son. A person who loves cornbread casserole, my name is Steph Jones, born and raised in Houston, Texas. Shout Out to everyone at Mo-City! Growing up, my mother was a big fan of ‘Shut up,’ so I didn’t know I could actually sing until college.

Every time I opened my mouth all I would hear is “SHUT UP SHUT UP” from everyone my moms, my brothers, my teachers I got kicked out of school everyone was always telling me to shut up. I would always try to sing, I just didn’t know I could sing. And then when I finally got to college…I remember it like it was yesterday.


These two girls, they took me to Karaoke. And it was like when I went to Karaoke, nobody could tell me to shut up, I could do any type of music. I’d do the Dixie Chicks, 50 Cent, Joe it didn’t matter because nobody would ever tell me to shut up. So anything that I learned on stage, came from the fact that it was okay to mess up in karaoke and that there ain’t nobody gonna judge you.

And it wasn’t until this lady came up to me, in tears, and was like “I don’t know what you’re doing with your life, but please promise to me you’ll make an effort and do music. And there is something about your personality and everything, that would touch so many lives.” That being said, I am so grateful for the talents I’ve been given and there isn’t a day in my life that I am not thankful for them.


Steph Jones