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The last few days have seen the online hip-hop community in an outrage over a video showing Kat Stacks being slapped and assaulted by some men. In searching the internet for the video I have seen many titles such as “Groupie HO Gets Attacked,” or “Groupie Kat Stacks Get Slapped Out Of Chair.”

Even the public’s comments after watching the video have implied that as a “groupie ho” she probably deserved it but they should not have hit her, at least on camera. My question is, why is the fact that no one should have placed their hands on her prefaced by her being a “groupie ho?” Also, what about how she lives her life makes her a “groupie ho?” I have not been following the Kat Stacks wave so I have no clue who she may or may not have slept with or what she may have said about them.

What I do know is that she isn’t doing anything men haven’t been doing for years yet she’s classified as a groupie, ho, trick, deserving of abuse. I love hip-hop music, always have, and hopefully always will but if we’re going to hand out titles and labels let’s ignore the double-standards and pass them out equally. No one labeled Ludacris a ho despite his “having hoes in different area codes.”


I suppose that would make him a “player,” which is something to be admired. Likewise, when Jay-Z proudly proclaimed “ I thug ’em, fuck ’em, love ’em, leave ’em” he was “Big Pimpin,” not trickin. So what about Kat Stacks makes her a “groupie ho.” I am in no way agreeing with Kat Stacks lifestyle choices, they would not be my own, but it’s her life, and she can live it as she pleases. It’s not my place, or anyone else’s to categorize her as a “groupie ho” and her sex life is in no way justification for abuse.


So much of today’s hip-hop music, and that of recent years has glorified the use of women as objects needing to be controlled. Suggesting that it may be necessary to slap a bitch if she gets outta pocket. Where was the internet uproar over that? ……That’s what I thought. Did Kat Stacks deserve to be slapped? Some would say yes, I firmly believe no. Is she being blamed for her attack? Absolutely. But it’s not her fault, it’s ours. Kat Stacks is in her fifteen minutes right now but her time too shall pass. What then? Will it be the next girl’s fault too when someone slaps her? Why don’t be place the blame where it really belongs, firmly on our shoulders, the consumers.


By ignoring the misogynistic lyrics pervading hip-hop music that encourage women to stay in their place or else, we are passively supporting the idea. Those men attacked Kat Stacks because they could, plain and simple. Because we told them it was OK. We all feel Kat Stacks is outta pocket and they decided to take one for the team, and put her back in her place. There will be no repercussions for their actions. Why would there be? They were only doing what we, through our silent support, said was OK. Though her doing so causes unlimited backlash, I for one hope Kate Stacks stays outta pocket. Maybe if more women were, less men would feel like they had the right to lay hands on women

Janine Mobley