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A NEW PLANET called Goldielocks? Not exactly scientist found a new planet 20 light years away in the Goldilocks zone called Gliese 581g. Nasa believes that this planet could possibly have life, but we won’t know for 200 years. Since that’s not any fun because, unless I can live 200 years being the young fun and super handsome blogger I am today I’d never get to see this new planet. 

So in order to have a bit of fun and lighten up everyone’s day I decided to put together a list of celebrities who might be from the new Goldielocks Planet. Matter fact didn’t Lil Wayne just release an album called I Am Not A Human Being? This is going to be easier than we thought! 

Which other celebrities might be from The New Planet?

Lil Wayne and Baby: They have shiny metal teeth, produce babies at an abnormally high rate and they even tell us they are not human beings. [pagebreak]

Wiz Khalifa might be an alien. He emits lot of smoke that may or may not affect your mind and lives on only Kush and Orange Juice. [pagebreak]

Christopher Walken: Look at him! Plus if you meet him at the Plaza Hotel, he might give you a job. [pagebreak]

Willow Smith: She comes from a family that might very well be the most talented family every to exist on the planet and her ears are huge. [pagebreak]

Lindsay Lohan: Maybe this is why she keeps getting in trouble. The ways of her homeland make it impossible for her to change. [pagebreak]

Lady Gaga: The strange outfits, wild style and massive Twitter followers could all be a ploy. Besides, anyone who can sit in a meat dress for hours… I digress [pagebreak]

Kid Cudi: The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night. Need I say more? Mmmhmmm {3m’s 1h 3m’s) [pagebreak]

Michael Cera: Anyone this socially awkward and hilarious cannot possibly be a human being. Okay, maybe he can, but it’s still fun to imagine.