Today’s Gear Of The Day keeps it trendy for the ladies and the gents. We start it off with the marvelous pair of Supra Kicks that you see above and end it with a well-lit bang. See our Kicks, Mixed Bag, Hardware, Throwback and One Day Wish here and now. Nifty Fifties And Lace Turbans […]

What a busy day it’s been for Chris Brown. Along with his new album, “F.A.M.E.,” the video for his single “Beautiful People,” dropped today, premiering on MTV’s “The Seven.” PHOTOS: Let Chris Brown Have His Moment The synthesizer-heavy, club-friendly hit has an uplifting, keep-your-head-up message that the singer will probably be looking to apply to […]


The office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords released a photo yesterday of the congresswoman … taken just moments before she was shot in the head back on January 8.

Count Mila Kunis among the not-insignificant number of people who aren’t buying the official story behind Miley Cyrus‘ bong video. The Black Swan beauty appeared on Lopez Tonight on Wednesday to talk about, among other things, her recent Golden Globes nomination, and when host George Lopez brought up the topic of the Hannah Montanastar’s latest scandal, Kunis expressed utter doubt that Cyrus was smoking the legal […]


Krystal Ball, a Democratic congressional candidate has been hit with a storm of sexist criticism over what are now knows as the Krystal Ball Photos. In the photos Krystal Ball can be seen wearing skimpy clothing and playing with a red sex toy on her husband’s nose.  This is totally normal stuff that normal people do, […]

Nothing beats getting drunk. I mean I’m sure some celebrities like to do the hard stuff but honestly a good drink or 20 with a few friends is always fun. Especially when you’re a celebrity. Over the weekend I had a ‘hangover time‘ with my friends from Atlanta. While I won’t go into too much […]

Lea Michele is taking after her character on Glee, Rachel, this week and showing a more risque side of her. Lea Michele did her sexy photo shoot for the November 2010 issue of Marie Claire UK, which she will be on the cover of. In the article Lea Michele talks about how her hit show […]

A NEW PLANET called Goldielocks? Not exactly scientist found a new planet 20 light years away in the Goldilocks zone called Gliese 581g. Nasa believes that this planet could possibly have life, but we won’t know for 200 years. Since that’s not any fun because, unless I can live 200 years being the young fun […]


Colton Tooley, 19, was a mathematics sophomore at the University of Texas and reports are saying that he acted alone. Colton Joshua Tooley, wearing a dark suit and a ski mask, opened fire with an assault rifle Tuesday on the University of Texas campus before fleeing into a library and fatally shooting himself, authorities said. […]


Below you’ll find some exclusive photo outtakes from Kid Cudi‘s article in SPIN magazine’s October Issue. The article KiD CuDi: How He Made it in America (magazine on sale tomorrow) details KiD CuDi’s childhood, his work with Kanye West on the Jay-Z album, and his brief stint in jail. In the SPIN article, KuDi said […]

The sexy tennis player Anna Kournikova took it off for her Maxim shoot, well not all the way off, but close enough. Anna Kournikova, who might not have won big at the US Open but with a cover like this who cares, is on the cover of the October issue of Maxim Magazine wearing a […]


13thWitness will be showcasing his most recent work at the the street staple Reed Space in New York City tonight at 8 PM.  The multi talented artist Timothy Gurr aka 13thWitness was trained as a graphic designer who then moved into the photography realm.  Recently he has been involved in video and photo work documenting […]