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Below you’ll find some exclusive photo outtakes from Kid Cudi‘s article in SPIN magazine’s October Issue. The article KiD CuDi: How He Made it in America (magazine on sale tomorrow) details KiD CuDi’s childhood, his work with Kanye West on the Jay-Z album, and his brief stint in jail.

In the SPIN article, KuDi said that when he was working with Kanye West:

‘I was so nervous, but not typical butterflies. Like, ‘Man, I hope this n***** don’t think I’m wack. Cause he’ll say this shit’s weak and I won’t be mad, I’ll be like, ‘You right.’ But I hope he sees what I see. What my mom sees.’

When asked about his jail time after being arrested for criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance he said,

‘I had a newfound respect for T.I. and Lil Wayne. I only spent 15 hours in there! I was scared straight, going through the shakes, having no food, being held captive. It didn’t matter who I was in the world.’



To read the entire article on KiD CuDi visit the SPIN website – HERE.