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Anthony Bourdain is putting Southern belle and butter-lovin’ cook Paula Deen right on front street, as he mocks her for spiking Americans with unhealthy foods.

Now, the fiery chef claims Paula is trying to profit off their ever-growing illness too!

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Bourdain lashed out on Twitter:

“Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.”

Whoa, do we detect sarcasm? 

The American author, traveler and cook is presumably livid with Paula for having built her empire off sugar and fat saturated recipes. Most recently, Paula announced she is diabetic and subsequently accepted the position of spokeswoman for a diabetes medication.  

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Some reports indicate Paula has known about her diabetic condition, but continued to pawn her sinfully indulgent recipes for her Food Network cooking show, while discretely negotiating an endorsement deal.

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One could understand why Bourdain sees a serious conflict of interest in Deen’s behavior – if this is true.

Calling Deen “the most dangerous person in America” might be a little too out bounds, but it’s hard to look away at the scandal she very well might have up her sleeve.