Anthony Bourdain

Everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Leslie Jones have been impacted by the celebrity chef.

Last week Anthony Bourdain threw havoc over Paula Deen’s new endorsement deal for diabetes treatment Victoza. This week, she’s reaching out a backhand and responding with major attitude. DETAILS: Paula Deen is Gettin’ Rich Off of Diabetes  The Georgia peach chef appeared on ABC’s talk show The Chew to discuss her diabetes diagnosis and her debut […]

Anthony Bourdain is putting Southern belle and butter-lovin’ cook Paula Deen right on front street, as he mocks her for spiking Americans with unhealthy foods. Now, the fiery chef claims Paula is trying to profit off their ever-growing illness too! DETAILS: Brown Rice Lowers Diabetes Risk Bourdain lashed out on Twitter: “Thinking of getting into […]


According to its founder, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Kwanzaa is an African American and Pan-African holiday which celebrates family, community and culture. Dr. Karenga started Kwanzaa in the midst of the Black Liberation Movement in 1960s. It has since been celebrated every year from December 26 – January 1. The name Kwanzaa is said to be […]


  I may be called the “Blogger Who Stole Christmas” for writing this one.   As a Muslim I do not observe Christmas especially after being taught that December 25 is not the true birthday of Jesus. But millions still believe it and others who know it is not true still celebrate it. I don’t […]

Happy Holidays everyone (or Feliz Navidad!!) Just wanted to take a moment and send warm wishes and besos to you all.   Being a Santa helper on Christmas Eve was so much fun 🙂 I went to drop off a bunch of toys for the kids at the children’s hospital.  The visit was bittersweet and […]


Many of us are so focused on the economy that we forget that the spirit of the holiday is FAMILY. Let us not become so focused on what we’re missing that we FORGET what we have (FAMILY). Let’s slow down and find love, joy and peace in our families. I always love to say, NEVER […]


As many of you prepare for the holidays and some of you may have already celebrated your holiday, tomorrow morning at 8AM, one of the most important votes in our history will be cast on the United States Senate floor.  For many months, we have debated, argued and at times, conversed politely about how we […]

Hi guys… Just checking in to say I’ve been really busy working hard to bring you guys some new music (both for myself and upcoming artists). I’ll be moving about quite a bit during the holidays performing and doing my best to help give back. With that said, I’m having a charity auction to support […]