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One of winter’s most highly anticipated films, Red Tails is a highflying action drama about a group of black fighter pilots in World War II.

These pilots bravely rise to the occasion when they are called to duty to help America defeat Hitler’s Nazi regime. 

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Ne-Yo, Tristan Wilds and Elijah Kelley star as three of the Tuskegee Airmen in this new film from George Lucas and Fox.

The trio sat down with GlobalGrind’s Entertainment Editor Xilla Valentine for an exclusive interview before the movie hits theaters everywhere on January 20th.

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During their hilarious sit down, Elijah talks about how he lost his swag during his first ride in the fighter planes. Tristan dishes on how he felt when Nickelodeon’s iCarly spoofed his classic scene from The Wire and Ne-Yo dishes on how it was talking with an accent in the film. 

Check out the interview and be sure to check out Red Tails in theaters this Friday!