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Primary season is in full mode and the remaining Republican presidential hopefuls, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are trying their hardest to get a number and/or maintain the number 1 spot.

STORY: Mitt Romney Nonchalantly Makes $10,000 Bet During GOP Presidential Debate

Many of the candidates have made some eyebrow raising statements in an attempt to fire up their conservative bases and distinguish themselves from one another.

STORY: Tell ‘Em Why You Mad Son! Newt Gingrich Goes Hard On CNN

Last night’s Republican primary debate hosted by NBC in Tampa Bay, Florida, gave the American people another opportunity to decide if these are the guys they want deciding the direction of this country.

Considering the controversial statements made, many Americans may have second thoughts about choosing any of the Republican candidates.

From Mitt Romney insinuating that only conservatives focus on raising families, to Rick Santorum asking that mothers accept pregnancy caused by rape, the Republicans just said some simply outrageous things.

Check out the accompanying gallery to find 10 statements made that we can’t afford to overlook. 

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