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Suddenly those golden arches aren’t looking so appealing.

Thank the heavens for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver! Without him the world would not have known the disgusting secret behind the juicy McDonald’s burger sold in the US. 

STORY: That Sh*t Cray! McDonald’s Exposed For Animal Cruelty (DETAILS) 

According to MSN:

In the wake of an outcry by Jamie Oliver, McDonald’s said on Thursday said it will stop using ammonium hydroxide, a common ingredient in cleaning solutions that’s dubiously dubbed “pink slime,” in its beef patties.

McDonald’s beef producer, Beef Products Inc., says ammonium hydroxide occurs naturally in most foods and helps reduce bacteria. However, Oliver launched a personal campaign against its use in beef throughout the U.S. on his show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”
Oliver explained that beef producers take “trimmings” that would normally go to dog food and wash it with the compound until it is fit for human consumption.

“Imagine how happy an accountant is. You just turned dog food into what can potentially be your kids’ food,” he told “Food Revolution” viewers.

A McDonald’s USA senior director credited the change to the restaurant’s priorities on food safety, not Oliver. But whatever the reasons, the move has been made.

If the use of “pink slime” is a great method to make low-grade meat fit for human consumption, a shift away from that and toward better meat, unless a more favorable cleanser can be found, almost certainly means higher costs.

That’s not good news for McDonald’s, which has taken great pains to fend off rising commodity costs for vegetables, beef and grains.

Ba da ba ba ba  We aren’t Lovin this!





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