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Rap beef is a complex sport in the game. It can either make a rapper’s career, or like so many, it can break a rapper’s career. 

SAY DAT DEN: Drake Says Common’s Diss Is A “Ploy For Attention”

Lately, unlikely rappers have been “beefing” with each other for reasons we still can’t put a finger on, nor understand. 

When legendary rapper Common came smack at Drake on his song “Sweet,” the whole rap community went crazy. 

Some people were dissing Common for picking a fight with the damn near untainted Drake, while others were coming down on Drake for being, well, sweet. 

Despite whose side you’re on, everyone can agree that we’ve seen way better rap beefs and battles, and Drake and Common should simmer their “why is this happening” rap beef down. 

GlobalGrind decided to round up the wackest, horribly hilarious, sadly entertaining, and pointless rap beefs of all time. 

Check out the 10 wackest rap beefs we found in the gallery above!

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