Sometimes people mess up, and they mess up bad.  DETAILS: Chad’s Teary-Eyed Attempt To Win Evelyn Back! Many people have experienced a ruined relationship, and sometimes there’s no one to blame but yourself. Music has helped many brokenhearted people get through tough times, so GlobalGrind decided to put together a playlist we think Ochocinco may be […]

Isn’t it kind of redundant for the Obama administration to launch African Americans for Barack Obama? STORY: Barack’s Got Talent! First Lady Says Prez Sings All The Time After all, his efforts are unnecessary when it comes to African Americans, the majority of whom will vote for him anyway. Barack kicked off his African Americans […]

Ask Men just released their annual list of the 99 Most Desirable Women. PHOTOS: Sofia Vergara Tops Ask Men’s Most Desirable Woman List Ladies of all shapes and sizes made the cut like Adele, Megan Fox and Taylor Swift – a very unique list encompassing the tastes of all different kinds to men to say […]

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus created quite a bit of controversy after he made a statement comparing President Barack Obama to the captain of Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia. STORY: Florida Debate: 10 Statements Made By Republicans That Can’t Be Ignored! Costa Concordia sunk on January 13th, 2012 off the Coast of Giglio Island. Its captain, Francesco Schettino, was […]

Rap beef is a complex sport in the game. It can either make a rapper’s career, or like so many, it can break a rapper’s career.  SAY DAT DEN: Drake Says Common’s Diss Is A “Ploy For Attention” Lately, unlikely rappers have been “beefing” with each other for reasons we still can’t put a finger […]

One thing’s for sure, two things for certain: Newt Gingrich is a quintessential S.O.B.  He wasn’t well liked as the Speaker of House during his tenure, but he’s a brilliant evil genius politician. Karl Rove couldn’t hold a candle to Newt. STORY: To The Moon Newt! Romney Would Fire Gingrich Over Lunar Colony Idea Newt has […]

Drake announced over the weekend that he’s hitting the studio with his little homie Justin Bieber.  DETAILS: Drake & Justin Bieber To Hit The Studio Together In January! Lately, Justin Bieber’s been rapping and freestyling, not to mention his hip-hop covers of Drake’s “Trust Issues” and Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You.”  Justin’s always said he’s […]


I am amazed at the hypocrisy of the international media’s attack on Beyonce for her performance at Nikki Beach in St. Barts over the holidays.  While I personally do not have any business dealings with Libya, Muammar al-Qaddafi or his family, Libya is a state recognized by the current and previous US administrations and is […]