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Isn’t it kind of redundant for the Obama administration to launch African Americans for Barack Obama?

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After all, his efforts are unnecessary when it comes to African Americans, the majority of whom will vote for him anyway.

Barack kicked off his African Americans for Obama campaign yesterday on the first day of Black History Month, urging folks to do their part by engaging people in the community to take the lead.

As the President put it: 

“Volunteering or joining your local neighborhood team as a Black Business Captain, Congregation Captain, Barber Shop & Beauty Shop Captain, or HBCU Organizer.”

Obama doesn’t need to worry about the African American vote; black barber shops and beauty salons across America won’t take down their Barack and Michelle posters any time soon.

As far as his black celebrity supporters, they’ll dust off and iron their Obama ‘Change’ t-shirts from 2008 and start rocking them again once the election gets closer.

In 2008, 95 percent of black voters went to the ballot for Obama and only 4 percent for McCain.

So Obama launching African Americans for Barack Obama is like Newt Gingrich getting divorced and re-married; we know it’s going to happen again. 

Obama need not worry. But just in case you forgot, take a look at some African Americans for Barack Obama.

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