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Ask Men just released their annual list of the 99 Most Desirable Women.

PHOTOS: Sofia Vergara Tops Ask Men’s Most Desirable Woman List

Ladies of all shapes and sizes made the cut like Adele, Megan Fox and Taylor Swift – a very unique list encompassing the tastes of all different kinds to men to say the least. 

Here at GlobalGrind we have different taste, and while we surely appreciate their list of desirable women, we had to make our own. We filled our list with the most exotic flavors and spices of curvy caliente women that will make you melt!

PHOTOS: Kerry Washington Is The Essence Of Hot

The truth of the matter is, we have so many ladies on our list that we couldn’t decide, so we need your help.

Check out our photo gallery of hip-pop’s most desirable women. If you’re still in one piece and not a pile of anti-matter from the hotness, then check out our poll and vote for your favorite.

The top ten women will be featured tomorrow. Speak now and represent for your celebrity crush!

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