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One thing’s for sure, two things for certain: Newt Gingrich is a quintessential S.O.B. 

He wasn’t well liked as the Speaker of House during his tenure, but he’s a brilliant evil genius politician. Karl Rove couldn’t hold a candle to Newt.

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Newt has mastered the theatrical art of being a politician; he has crazy ideas, like putting a colony on the moon, and he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. His convictions are set in stone and they won’t change.

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It stands to reason why Newt was the most disliked member of Congress during his time in the chamber. Retiring Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank had numerous run-ins with Newt and describes his experience as less than cordial.

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Frank said about Newt:

“He’s a man with no ethical core whatsoever. As I look at the Republican debate, I have been casting ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Newt is the Wizard of Oz. There’s nothing there.

He’s a despicable human being and one of the worst people that I know of who didn’t commit violence against somebody.”

Not-so-kind words from the Massachusetts Congressman to say the least. But Frank isn’t Newt’s only enemy. Take a look at a few other folks that Gingrich rubbed the wrong way.

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