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Drake announced over the weekend that he’s hitting the studio with his little homie Justin Bieber

DETAILS: Drake & Justin Bieber To Hit The Studio Together In January!

Lately, Justin Bieber’s been rapping and freestyling, not to mention his hip-hop covers of Drake’s “Trust Issues” and Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You.” 

Justin’s always said he’s a huge fan of hip-hop, so he should start making his admiration into reality. 

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GlobalGrind sat down and thought about 10 rappers who would be a good fit for Justin’s music career. He’s currently transitioning from a teenie bopper magnet into a young man, and more adult themed music is definitely on his mind. 

We rounded up 10 rappers who could possibly cook up a cool club banger for an almost grown up Justin. 

Find out which 10 rappers we chose for Justin to collaborate with in the gallery above!