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After Jennifer Lopez and new boo Casper Smart were seen holding hands going into their hotel in New York City, Jenny stopped by David Letterman‘s show to discuss motherhood, American Idol, and what it’s like working with soon to be ex-husband Marc Anthony

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The Latina actress/singer was rather dry in her answers and enigmatic with her body language.

Jennifer tried to give her audience a visa into the daily lives of 4-year-old Max and Emmy when Letterman asked about the twins and their growing up:

“You know what it was–he would try everything first and not do it. And then she would just kinda watch for two weeks and then she’d just get up and do it. [Laughs] Do you know what I mean?? Men and women.”

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And of course, before their interview could conclude, Letterman casually brought up the subject of Jennifer working side-by-side with soon to be ex-husband Marc Anthony (as their divorce has not been finalized yet).

J. Lo went on to explain the reason why she’s been divorced so many times and still finds reason to remarry. It’s because she “believes in love.” Although once Letterman got to the bottom of his inquiry, he asked, “What’s that like?” in reference to Jennifer working with Marc.

“You know, it’s fun. Because we know each other so well. And we really work well together… but it has its moments… you know, the same things we kinda– really didn’t work. It’s just… communication. You’re talking about you don’t agree on something and then you’re like ‘oh, be quiet.'”

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Although Ms. Lopez only implied that Marc was never the one to say “Oh, be quiet!” [yikes], she did give reason to the old saying about love and marriage: communication is key! 

Maybe J. Lo and Casper speak a different language. You make your own conclusion. And in the meantime, peep the live interview with J. Lo and David Letterman: