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Whitney Houston did not die from drowning, according to the L.A. County Coroner’s Office, but rather a deadly combination of prescription drugs mixed with alcohol. 

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One law enforcement official said that Whitney Houston had a “a plethora of sedatives including Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax, and a sleeping medication that was found in her hotel room.”

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The coroner concluded that is what ultimately killed the 48-year-old pop legend because there was not enough water found in her lungs. They also believe she died well before her head became submerged in water. 

According to TMZ:

Whitney’s aunt, Mary Jones, discovered Whitney’s body in the bathtub. Mary had laid out Whitney’s dress for the evening on the bed and the left for about a half hour. When Whitney didn’t come out of the bathroom, Mary entered, pulled Whitney out of the tub and began administering CPR.

And we’re told … Whitney’s mom has arranged to have the singer’s body flown back to Atlanta, as early as tomorrow. The family was told the Coroner has no problem releasing the body because there is no evidence of foul play.

Whitney leaves behind her only child Bobbi Kristina, who was rushed to the hospital after her mother’s death and believed to be suicidal. 


NBC New York reports:

Whitney Houston’s funeral will be held in Newark, N.J., later this week, NBC New York has learned.

Houston’s body is expected to be flown to New Jersey as early as Monday evening, depending on arrangements in Los Angeles, according to sources working with the family. She was found dead in a hotel room there on Saturday.

Whigham Funeral Home is handling the funeral.

Houston was born in Newark and raised in East Orange. She got her start as a singer in the choir at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark.


TMZ reports:

Whitney Houston’s body has been removed from the L.A. County Morgue in a Coroner’s van and is currently en route to an L.A. funeral home … TMZ has learned.

We’re told Whitney’s family will now take possession of the body and it will be flown back East by private jet in the next few hours.

The Coroner would not comment on transportation details, but we’ve confirmed the body is in the van seen in the video.

The body should be arriving at the airport by noon Pacific time.


TMZ reports:

Whitney Houston’s body will be transported to the East Coast today on Tyler Perry’sprivate jet … TMZ has learned.
We’re told Whitney’s body is currently on its way to the airport — and the plane will take off as soon as it arrives.

Sources tell TMZ, Tyler Perry rushed to the L.A. hospital Saturday as soon as he heard about Whitney’s death — and immediately offered up his private plane to the family.

We’re told Whitney’s funeral is taking place somewhere in New Jersey later this week.